About Us

Amanda Harden


Here at Sugar Queen’s Bake Shoppe we pour our hearts into baking. My name is Amanda Harden. I was in the kitchen baking at a young age and could barely see over the counter. My family would anxiously await dessert time. They said I was born with a “sugar thumb.” 

The Naming of The Sugar Queen

Combining my natural baking abilities with my teachings from college, I set myself apart from my competitors. Local critics crowned me the “Sugar Queen,” which is where my name was derived. They were baffled by the presentation…but the taste is what knocked them off their feet.  


My talent and joy for baking and creativity, coupled with me being a bit of a perfectionist, transforms my customer’s vision into great tasting culinary creations.

Wobbly Start

From my one-bedroom apartment, using my residential stove and a wobbly mixer that would wake the neighbors, I managed to please thousands with my creations all made with my secret ingredient, “Love.” Now with more success than I could have anticipated, help was needed. I needed more hands and called on family and friends to help package and fill orders. Sugar Queen’s Bake Shoppe took social media by storm. People cannot get enough of my unique style of baking. 


Over the years I continued my destined journey of baking. After graduating with a baking and pastry degree at the age of 19, my career as a professional baker was set in stone. Not yet known to me, but known by family and friends, my effortless creations of customized desert masterpieces were in my near future. 

Our Safety Process

In today's environment, safety is a major concern. At Sugar Queen's Bake Shoppe, we pride ourselves on cleanliness, sanitation, and keeping ourselves, and our clients, safe and healthy. Here are just a few things we do to keep you safe.


We completely sanitize ourselves and or working area between each order.


Clean Utensils

All our utensils are sterilized between each use.



Using gloves, we package each order with the utmost care.



Our contactless pickup or delivery system is second to none.